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Our company offers design, implementation and maintenance of computer networks, computer equipment and complex server solutions such as backup and data archiving, sales of new and older hardware, software, consulting and advisory activities in IT area, data storage, network security LAN / WiFi, design and development of internal guidelines for computers usage and other IT devices, with the possibility of SLA conclusion with defined reaction time to the incident.

We have years of experience in information technology. Our philosophy is that the care for customer does not end at the time of transmission of selected products, but continues in the form of technical assistance and related services. Our clients include both individuals and large corporations with dozens of computer workstations. Our advantage is high quality and expertise in the field of information technology. We are able to ensure implementation of computer technology from initial design to implementation and ongoing management.

Each customer can expect from us an individual approach, we understand well enough the difference between a freelancer small with a limited budget and a large rich company and we are able to adapt to your needs. We can recommend you an appropriate solution, whether you need a computer for the family accounting or entertainment, or intend to upgrade your corporate network with dozens of connections.

When building a computer assembly, we follow the principle of high quality components and good alignment to achieve the best possible performance. In addition to standardized reporting, we can meet any individual customer requirements.

Thanks to good relations with our partners we are able to arrange other services that do not fall directly within the scope of our activities, such as connection to the Internet (from ADSL to wireless), web services, etc.

If you are looking for a company that will help you to solve your problems in the field of information technology, look no longer. We look forward to working with you and will do our utmost to ensure your satisfaction with our work products. We believe you’ll always be glad to get back to us.

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